"Endless Possibilities"

About Mike Daley & Jennice Daley

Ethical Business Connections was created by Mike and Jennice Daley, sparked by a desire to bring phenomenal products to the attention of the public. That’s why we became certified, authorized, independent dealers of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Ethical Business Connections is about sharing honorable and faithful service with people who desire truly phenomenal products and the opportunity to purchase these items at a wholesale price. As a preferred customer, you can purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale prices, we at EBC are not after your retail dollar and we will show you how you can save!

The company name, Ethical Business Connections, came from our true heart felt convictions energized by our faith in God, family, and a true desire to help our friends. Without hassle, pressure, or anything that is not a proven fact, Ethical Business Connections provides quality products and services to America and Canada that have the potential to save time, money, and enhance the overall quality of life by meeting several different needs. We are here to help be part of the solution and not contribute to the high prices set by the oil companies.

Buy at wholesale, have it delivered right to your door, run the product longer, have better performance, help reduce waste oil products because of the longer drain intervals, and put money back in your pocket! An easy decision…….

Mike retired from the United States Marine Corps in August 2012 after 21 years of service, serving his fellow human beings with honor. Jennice has the exact same feelings towards serving her fellow human beings, without the hassle and confrontational corporate stigma. Jennice has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and has worked in corporate America in several different venues including residential and commercial real estate and is currently a licensed broker in Alabama and North Carolina. Mike and Jennice operate this company with the same heart that has allowed them to be successful in the United States Marine Corps and the world of real estate. Ethical Business Connections is committed to serving our fellow people with truth, honor, and integrity.

Best regards and many blessings to all.

We are a proud member of The Alquist Advantage Network of AMSOIL Dealers.

Mike - 1982 Arizona Motocross Novice

Mike, 1982 Arizona Motocross Novice




Dream, Believe, Achieve.

Mike - 2004 North Carolina Motocross Champion

Mike, 2004 North Carolina Motocross Champion


Proud Member of The Alquist Advantage Network of AMSOIL Dealers.